Commissioned Research

Carrying out business historical research

As a company or business organization you can commission us to do academic research of the history of your company or industry. The result might  involve writing a historical book or a policy memo, organizing a conference, contributing to an exhibition or providing independent consulting. The  Commissioned Research group has extensive experience in carrying out such research assignments, especially for business.

Efficient and professional

The institute’s research is always conducted in close cooperation with the client. This approach guarantees that the project is completed successfully and on time. Naturally, specialized supervisors and researchers are assigned to each project. The commissioned research coordinators provide supervision during the initial phases of the project, the formulation of the research plan and in drawing up the contracts and budgets. They have a great deal of experience in large-scale, long-term research projects for a wide variety of clients.


Currently Keetie Sluyterman and Bram Bouwens study the history of the Dutch brewing company Heineken and its growth into one of the leading Dutch multinational companies. The company started in 1863 when G.A. Heineken took over an existing brewery in Amsterdam. Strikingly, despite its many partnerships and takeovers since, Heineken has established and maintained a firm identity both as a business and as brand. How was this feat accomplished? This key question will be explored through the lens of five interwoven themes. How had the company succeeded in finding markets for its products? How did the company develop its international character? What role played technology and R&D? What steps has Heineken taken to recruit, motivate and oversee its employees, including its managers? What have been the advantages and drawbacks of the family dominated corporate structure? The study will cover the period 1592 (when the original brewery in Amsterdam was founded) till the present.

Result: History of Heineken, to be published in 2014 on the occasion of Heineken’s 150th anniversary.

Various clients

Over the years, Commissioned Research group has performed research projects for many different clients, including:


Are you interested what we can do for your business or organization? Our contract research coordinators Joost Dankers and Bram Bouwens would be happy to discuss the options available and to supervise the realization and execution of the commission.

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