Chair in Business History

Keetie Sluyterman is professor of business history at Utrecht University and a specialist in Dutch business history of the nineteenth and twentieth century. She has written or co-authored a large number of business histories, including histories of Océ, Proost en Brandt, CSM, (Moret) Ernst & Young, Rabobank, Hagemeyer, Royal Dutch Shell and Boskalis. In the study Dutch Enterprise in the twentieth century: business strategies in a small open economy (Routledge 2005) she gave an overview on the history of Dutch business in the twentieth century through the looking glass of business strategies. She is one of the project leaders of the research programme ‘BINT’, Dutch business in the 20th century, which studies varieties of capitalism and changes over time in national business systems. Recent research deals with Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate attitudes towards sustainability. Keetie Sluyterman is past-president of the EBHA and member of the advisory editorial board of the British journal Business History and the American journal Business History Review.

Key publications:

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